I am pleased to announce that as of this year, I have been working as a director for the HUB-IBARAKI ART PROJECT. We have announced the artist we will be working together, and our website has been revamped.

今年度よりディレクターとして活動しているHUB-IBARAKI ART PROJECTにおいて、2024年度に共に活動するアーティストが決定し、Webサイトがリニューアルされました。情報が公開されましたので、お知らせいたします。

今年のHUB-IBARAKI ART PROJECT2024において、愛知県出身・滋賀県在住の井上唯さんに決定、リサーチがスタートしました。

We are pleased to announce that Yui Inoue, originally from Aichi Prefecture and currently works and lives in Shiga Prefecture, has been selected for this year’s HUB-IBARAKI ART PROJECT 2024. The research has already started.
Yui Inoue is an artist who conducts fieldwork in various locations, learning about the nature, climate, culture, and lifestyles of the people in those areas. She creates her works with a broad perspective.
Before, we have selected artists through an open call, but for the renewed HUB-IBARAKI ART PROJECT this year, I have chosen an artist. The 2024 project will start in April and will be a year-long endeavor culminating in the presentation of the works next year. While Ibaraki City is known for its good access to urban areas and pleasant living environment, Inoue plans to research its rich natural environment and the traditions woven by local people over the years. She will be learning about the characteristics of the region through her unique approach. We will be sharing updates on the research process and information on talk events as they happen. Please look forward to it.

HUB-IBARAKI ART PROJECT ディレクターステートメント 内田千恵
HUB-IBARAKI ART PROJECTのリニューアルにあたり、2013年以降10年以上に渡って培ってきたアートプロジェクトとしての活動に加え、現代美術のHUBとしての役割を見つめ直し、茨木市から市外、県外、そして国外へと日英で発信し、同時に現代美術の情報を受信し、交流する場をつくっていきたいと考えています。茨木市は、大都市に近接しながらも、豊かな自然環境に恵まれ、多様な背景・歴史・文化を持ち、さらに発展を続ける魅力的な場所です。茨木市での活動を中心に据え、アーティストとともに、コミュニティや他団体との連携を構築し、茨木市から生まれる美術が地域の枠を超え、開かれた場所となるよう目指していきます。HUB-IBARAKI ART PROJECTの活動においても、常にエシカルな選択ができるよう努めてまいります。作品制作やプロジェクトの遂行において環境に配慮し、廃棄物を最小限に抑え、リサイクルを推進します。また、このプロジェクトに関わる全ての人々が公正な労働環境で働けるよう配慮し、アートにおけるエコシステムの改善に貢献していきたいと考えています。これらの方向性をもとに、HUB-IBARAKI ART PROJECTは今後も挑戦し続け、人々と協働し、新しい出会いが詰まった場となりますように。

Director’s Statement Chie Uchida
As part of the renewal of the HUB-IBARAKI ART PROJECT, building on over a decade of art project activities since 2013. In addition, we aim to reassess our role as a HUB for contemporary art. We plan to disseminate information in both Japanese and English from Ibaraki City to outside the city while simultaneously receiving and exchanging contemporary art information.
Ibaraki City, while being close to a major metropolis, is blessed with a rich natural environment and diverse backgrounds, history, and culture, making it a continually evolving and attractive place. Centred around activities in Ibaraki City, we aim to collaborate with artists, build connections with communities and other organizations, and transform the art emerging from Ibaraki City into something that transcends regional boundaries and becomes more open.
At the core of our HUB-IBARAKI ART PROJECT activities lies an unwavering commitment to ethical choices. We pledge to be mindful of the environment in our artwork creation and project execution, striving to minimize waste and promote recycling. Moreover, we are dedicated to ensuring that every participant in this project operates in a fair labour environment and contributes to improving the ecosystem in the art world.


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